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LA Mesa Area 03

Curving walls and casework with stone counters. Cabinets incorporate lighted,  self closing discovery drawers and exhibits such as an ant farm connected to a countertop foraging environment.



Freestanding temporary breakout structure with two internally lit artifact cases.


Artifact pedestals and built-in wall cases with internal LED lighting.


Specimen display cases with internal lighting, environmental controls, security, and flexible artifact mounting system permiting easy and frequent exchange of display items.


Mobile, customizable modular outreach exhibit cart. Back panel holds easily changed interpretive materials, artifacts and parts bins. Table top supports removable interactive exhibits. Drawers carry supplies and alternative exhibits.

Naturalist Desk LANC


Freestanding exhibit structure.


Exhibit stands and artifact cases.


Rare textiles in secure wall-hanging vitrines and built-in wall cases.



Mobile, two-sided powered activity carts with interpretive panels, how-to graphics and supply bins.